About me

Hello! I am Amrita, a research associate in Nobuko Yoshida’s group at the University of Oxford. I am working on formal verification, specifically the intersection of communicating automata and session types, so if you have any questions/ideas, let me know!

Previously, I did my PhD at the LMF, ENS Paris Saclay. My advisors were Alain Finkel and Benedikt Bollig. I worked on studying subclasses of communicating automata with decidable verification properties.

Some of the topics I have worked on in the past have been input-bounded FIFO systems, the notions of synchronizability (using a Message Sequence Chart approach), and extensions of Well Structured Transition Systems. But apart from this, my interests lie with anything to do with verifying infinite state systems, and their characterization using logics and automata.

You can contact me by email at firstname.lastname AT cs.ox.ac.uk.